Springettsbury By the Numbers

Winter Series race number SIX is in the books! We have one more to go. Congrats to all of the 1 miler and 10K runners that braved the rolling hills and farm lane potholes of East York. You can find the full list of results HERE. In the meantime, here are some numbers from race day…

And then there were 5!

The number of runners (one less than after the last race) that still have a PERFECT series point total of 60, winning their respective age groups and earning 10 points for each race thus far.  Can these runners hold on for one more race???

-180 Feet

The approximate drop in elevation from about mile 3 to mile 3.5 of the race. If the steep downhill wasn’t enough, runners had a nice hard right turn to make at the bottom of this hill.


Reported wipeouts at the bottom of this hill! Way to stay vertical, people!!


The number of 10K finishers. Kudos to all those that finished the second longest race of the series! (Easy to forget that this whole thing started with a 10 miler back in November!)


The number of 10K finishers that were able to finish under a 6:00 per mile pace on this difficult, up and down course.


Speaking of finishing under 6 minute pace, this was the time of the first female finisher (4th overall!) in the 1 mile run, THIRTEEN (!) year old Sophia Rodriguez. She was no doubt making 3rd place finisher Andrew Hartman (who finished in 5:58) a tad nervous.


The difference in years of the youngest 10K finisher (8 year old Shelby Fike) and the oldest (79 year old Milt Bushey)!


The overall place of the 1st female, Joanna Hayes. Smokin!


The number of Winter Series races that remain. We hope to see you all at the Northeastern 5K this coming weekend!

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