YRRC Winter Series


– Springettsbury 10k –

Hoping to see all of you Saturday 2/26 at the Springettsbury 10k!

Important change for 2022: start/finish line and parking will be at YTI 1405 Williams Road, York PA 17402

If you’re looking for an excuse to sit this one out or if you’d just like to lend a helping hand I could still use some volunteers! Please contact Becky Doner or Heather Roe if you’re available.


All registration is online only. Online registration is open and is the ONLY way to register this year. – LINK TO REGISTER

We are encouraging participants to bring their own water. Bottles will be available at the finish line. 

We will have photographers (thank you Clay and Karen) and you may share those photos with your family. 

Things will look different this year, but we are excited to host the series and to do so as safely as possible. Please check out some changes you can expect:

– NO race day registration
– Please maintain social distancing when and where possible. 
– MASKS are strongly encouraged when social distancing cannot be maintained.

We would really appreciate everybody’s help and patience with these guidelines. Not only for the safety of those involved, but also as a way to make sure we can continue with the remaining events. 


Dover 10 Miler – November 7, 2021 – 1:00PM
Spring Valley 4 Miler – November 28, 2021 – 1:00PM
Dallastown 10k – December 11, 2021 – 9:00AM
John Rudy 5 Miler – January 2, 2022 – 1:00PM – yes, this is a Sunday race this series and distance may change based on Rail Trail condition / repair status
Indian Rock 10k – January 15, 2022 – 9:00AM
Jacobus 5 Miler – February 5, 2022 – 9:00AM
Springettsbury 10k – February 26, 2022 – 9:00AM
Northeastern 5k – March 5, 2022 – 9:00AM


How does the LIVE Winter Series work?
– Participants are assigned a race bib and are responsible for bringing their bib and wearing it for every race they attend.
– 8 races and 8 one mile runs for one low registration fee.
– Series points will be awarded.
– End of series awards ceremony.
– The York Road Runners Club Winter Series is sanctioned by USA Track & Field.
– US Road Running chip finish timing for quicker and more accurate results!
– Those opting to run the 1 mile AND the main event will be issued 2 bibs. You must wear the correct bib for the each event in order for your time to be recorded for the event.

$35.00 — Main Series (plus 1 Miler) Individual YRRC Member
$40.00 — Main Series (plus 1 Miler) Individual Regular
$70.00 — Main Series (plus 1 Miler) Family YRRC Member
$80.00 — Main Series (plus 1 Miler) Family Regular
$12.00 — 1 Miler Series YRRC Member
$15.00 — 1 Miler Series Regular


Ø  Dover 10 Miler:  (5161 N. Salem Church Rd. Dover 17315)PA Rt 74 north to Dover, left (west) on Canal Rd., right on North Salem Church Rd., right into North Salem Elementary School

Ø  Spring Valley 4 Miler: (9777 Crest Rd. Glen Rock, PA 17327) I-83 S to Exit 8 (Glen Rock); Left (east) on 216.  Travel less than ¼ mile; right on Potosi Rd.; Follow Potosi Rd about 2 miles to Spring Valley Park; Left on Crest Rd to Equestrian Center on right.  PARKING ON CREST RD. IS DISCOURAGED. PARK IN THE MAIN PARKING AREA.

Ø  Dallastown 10K:  (700 New School Ln. Dallastown 17313)  Queen St (Rt 74) south to Dallastown.  Go to the first traffic light (Turkey Hill on right) and turn right on Walnut St.  Stay straight on Walnut St. about 1 mile.  This road brings you behind the school and into the stadium.  Bear left at the stadium (between the stadium and school to the parking lot).

Ø  John Rudy Rail Trail 5 Miler: (400 Mundis Race Rd. York 17406) Heading north on Route 24 turn left on to Mundis Race Rd (approx. 2.8 miles north of Rte. 30). Turn right into the first park entrance. Eastern Hemlock Pavilion.

Ø  Indian Rock 10K:  (1500 Indian Rock Dam Rd. York 17403)Heading south on George Street to York Hospital; Turn right on Country Club Road. Right on Richland; Left on Indian Rock Dam Road. Regent’s Glenn Bar & Grill is at the top of the hill on Golf Club Road.  

Ø  Jacobus 5 Miler:  (200 N. Main St. Jacobus 17407) I-83 south to exit 14 (Leader Heights); Right (west) on Leader Heights Rd.  Left (south) on George Street.  Follow into Jacobus turning right onto Church St or other parking in the area.

Ø  Springettsbury 10K: (1405 Williams Road 17402) Route 30 east to Mt Zion Rd exit. Left at light. Right on Whiteford Rd. Park in the YTI Career Institute parking lot.

Ø  Northeastern 5K: (300 High St. Manchester 17345) I-83 North to Exit 24 (Emigsville Exit).Travel straight thru traffic light (Board Rd) to the 4 way stop sign. Turn Right onto Musser St. Left at light onto Main St. (Rt 181). Right at light onto Maple St. Then a quick left onto High St.  300 High St, Manchester, 



This year’s Winter Series DISTANCE CHALLENGE is to complete and submit your results for 135 miles by the end of the Winter Series – March 5, 2022.

What course should I run or walk?

You can run/walk any time, any place!

But **imagine** you are doing the 2021-2022 WINTER SERIES – virtually!  In your **imaginary course,** you start at Spring Valley County Park in southern York County and run the 4-mile Winter Series LIVE course.  That park is hilly, so you take a bit of a rest. 

From there you run to John C. Rudy County Park, and because you are on foot, your course takes you on safe, back roads, including the Northern Extension of the Heritage Rail Trail, a total of 17 miles.  While there, you run the John Rudy 5-mile Winter Series LIVE course.  Since that course is moderately hilly, but not like Spring Valley, you take only a short rest.

You leave John Rudy and head to Regents Glen Country Club Golf Course.  In fact, you take the Heritage Rail Trail the whole way, eight more miles. While there, you run the Winter Series LIVE Indian Rock 10K.

Leaving Indian Rock, you head to the location of the Jacobus 5 Miler near Lake Williams, another seven miles.  You can go south on the Rail Trail, leaving the trail just before Howard Tunnel and use the extended Jacobus course to the start line.  Add another five miles for the Winter Series LIVE Jacobus 5 Miler.

Now you head to Springettsbury 10K.  Your **imaginary** run takes you on George St, to Market, to Mt Zion, to Williams Rd, adding another 11 miles.  Your total is now 70 miles!

But, you don’t think that’s enough, so you decide to add the Winter Series LIVE races that **didn’t happen** this year.  This gets you only to 89 miles, but – you had to travel to each location.

From Springettsbury you go to Northeastern 5K (an 8-mile trip) plus run the 5K.  From there you head to North Salem Elementary School (11 miles) to do the Dover 10 Miler.  You leave Dover to go to your final destination (17 miles), and do the Dallastown 10K. 

Your total mileage is 134.7 – and you call it a winter.  We’re rounding up to 135 miles!

Your DISTANCE CHALLENGE, should you accept it, is to run/walk 135 miles between December 1, 2021 through the last day of the winter series, March 5, 2022.  You can run any amount at a time, and submit your results as you go.  

Will I get some cool swag?

Participants of the DISTANCE CHALLENGE event will get specially-designed swag: a medal that doubles as a holiday ornament, gloves and an insulated travel cup!  (Sorry, swag cannot be mailed outside of the United States.)

What about a digital bib and a finisher certificate?

Yep, you’ll get that, too!

What about a map of my progress as I gradually submit my results?

Yes, there’s a MAP!  Thank you, Jeff Hines.  The map shows what the route would be like if you ran it in the order specified above.  Of course, the map will simply track your progress in number of miles no matter where you run.  Remember you can run this VIRTUAL CHALLENGE anywhere.  Here’s a link to the map if you want to look at it as Jeff has designed.

How do I submit my results?

Here’s a link in which runsignup explains how to do this.  Submit my Virtual Results

Can I upload my own photos?

Yes, here’s how to do that.