Group Runs

Tuesday Evening Trails

Runner Level: All levels!

When: The group meets around 5:30PM.

Where:  This group moves around each week.  Email the group run contact for location details.

Why: Because our local trails are AWESOME, and there’s strength in numbers!

Contact: Eric Ferree

2nd Thursday at the Ridge

Runner Level: Beginner/Intermediate Trail

What: Awesome local trails! Afterward, the group plans to refuel at Roburrito’s at Eastern Market:)

When:  This group run will kick off March 11th. The group will meet at 5:00PM until the time change, then will shift to 5:30 and then 6:00PM

Where:  Rocky Ridge County Park. Email the run contact for parking lot details.

Contact: Chad Brown

3rd Wednesday @ Sign of the Horse

Runner Level: Beginner/Intermediate Trail

What: A group run around the Hanover area, including the beautiful Hanover Trolley Trail!

When:  This group run meets the THIRD Wednesday of each month @6:00PM

Where:  Sign of the Horse Brewery

Contact: Dan Floto

Thirsty Last Thursday Run

Who: All runners! (21+ to sit at the bar after the run!)

When: The last Thursday of each month, unless the Revs have a home game or there is a holiday, at 6:00PM

Where: Meet in the parking lot directly across from Liquid Hero Brewery

How it works: This is an out and back on the Northern extension of the Rail Trail.  Most people run out for half an hour, then turn around, making the run an hour total.  Socializing to follow inside Liquid Hero immediately after running!

Contact: Eric Wolfgang

Friday Morning HILLS!

Runner Level: All levels looking for a GREAT workout.

What: VERT.  This is a hill workout that takes runners up to scenic High Point Vista.

When:  Friday mornings around 5:00AM. (Get outta bed early once and a while!)

Where:  High Point Scenic Vista – 1199 Hilt Road, Wrightsville

Contact: Daryl Lehman – 717-858-7158 – TEXTS ONLY PLEASE!

Saturday Morning Trails

Runner Level: Intermediate/Advanced Trail

What: Check out the beautiful Mason Dixon Trail along the Susquehanna River, right in our own back yard!

When:  Usually an early start, around 7AM.

Where: Mostly portions of the Mason Dixon Trail. Email the run contact for parking lot details.

Contact: Jared Stough

??? Rail Trail in New Freedom ???

Runner Level: All levels

What: We’d like to have a consistent group run in the southern part of the county preferably on the rail trail.

When:  Thinking a weekday evening for this one, like the other brewery runs.

Where: The “Seven” Sports Bar and Grill would be a great location to launch from!

Contact: We’re also looking for someone to lead!  If you’re interested, email the club!