York Ridge Runners Trail Series

Series races and rules…

Starts with Squirrelly Tail Twail Run!
Stay tuned for the rest of the races (about 8)….

Rules and Regulations:

1. Series participants are required to complete at least 4 of the races and volunteer at a 2022 YRRC related function in order to be eligible for series awards.

2. To be eligible for series points a participant’s membership must be current for that race. For new members, only those races that occur after membership will be counted in the final standings.

3. YRRC members do not need to sign up for the series and there is no cost to participate beyond paying the entry fees required by an individual race. 

4. Points are scored based on finish placement in age group and gender (similar to the Winter Series). If a participant runs more than four races, only the best four performances are used to calculate the series score.  Additional series races may be used to break ties as specified below.

5. Tie breaking will only be done at the completion of the series, and only to determine category prizewinners. Ties will be broken by application of the following rules, in the order they are presented.
    * In the event that competitors have the same series score at the end of the series, the higher series place goes to the competitor who won more head-to-head races among all series races the tied competitors finished.
    * If the preceding criterion does not break the tie, the higher series place goes to the competitor who finished more series races.
    * If the preceding criterion does not break the tie, YRRC recognizes the competitors as tied for the year and issues multiple awards for the same place.

6. Volunteer commitment must be made in advance of an event by contacting the Race Director or event coordinator and must be completed between January 1, 2022 and the date of the final series race, which is Hex Hollow. Participants who do not see their volunteer commitment credited in the 2020 Standings are responsible for notifying thedogjogger@gmail.com. Additionally, a runner may fulfill his or her volunteer commitment by participating on YRRC committees, helping with club membership or communications, or leading other non-event volunteer activities. To meet series volunteer qualifications will require approval of YRRC officers.

7. Races with multiple distances (ie On the Rocks and Hex) can earn points for whatever distance they choose to run for the event, and compete just within that distance and all distances are equal in point value. 

8. A participant’s age group will be determined by their age as of his or her first point-scoring race. Example: A participant runs the first series race and he or she is 34 years old, the following week they turn 35. This person has the option of dropping the first series race(s) and competing in the 35 -39 category (and complete 4 more races) or staying in the 30 – 34 year group. (Obviously, once there are less than 4 races left in the year, this option is moot). This decision must be made in writing before the first race entering a new age category. In other words, in the time period between races when the birthday occurs. If no notice is received by the series director at the email below, you will just stay in the age group you started in for the remainder of the year. [So, you can’t wait until the end of the season to see which category you would finish higher in.] Email: thedogjogger@gmail.com

9. All participants completing 4 races will receive a premium after the series is complete.