Team Challenge

Compete as a team!!

The five-person (or more) team challenge adds another level of fun and competition to the York White Rose Run.  No additional fees apply.  Simply register as a team online with runsignup.  The first person to register for the team adds a team name.  Subsequent team members select the team name from a drop down menu.

Cross Country-style scoring will determine which team takes home the HUGE TRAVELING TROPHY.   Each year, the winning team’s name is engraved on the trophy.   Go down in history!

Scoring method:

  1. Only complete teams are scored.  Complete teams must have 5 or more finishers.
  2. Runners are placed within their teams by their finish time, fastest to slowest.
  3. The number of points a runner earns for their team is determined by their ranking among qualified runners.  Qualified runners are the fastest 7 runners on complete teams.
  4. A team’s total points is the point sum of the first 5 qualified runners on a complete team.
  5. Positions 1-5 within a team are called scorers.  Positions 6 and 7 within a team are called displacers.

In the event of a tie:

  1.  A tie is broken by the first displacer
  2.  If a team does not have displacers, the team with 6 finishers wins.