Team Challenge

Compete as a team with your friends, family, fellow students, or coworkers!

The five-person team challenge adds another level of fun and competition to the York White Rose Run.  No additional fees apply.  Simply register as a team online.  The first person to register for the team adds a team name.  Subsequent team members select the team name from a drop down menu.    Cross Country-style scoring will determine which team takes home the HUGE TRAVELLING TROPHY.   Each year, the winning team’s name is engraved on the trophy.   Go down in history!

Team Challenge Scoring

  1. Only complete teams are scored.  Complete teams must have 5 or more finishers.
  2. Runners are placed within their teams by their finish time, fastest to slowest.
  3. The number of points a runner earns for their team is determined by their ranking among qualified runners.  Qualified runners are the fastest 7 runners on complete teams.
  4. A team’s total points is the point sum of the first 5 qualified runners on a complete team.
  5. Positions 1-5 within a team are called scorers.  Positions 6 and 7 within a team are called displacers.

In the event of a tie:

  1.  A tie is broken by the first displacer
  2.  If a team does not have displacers, the team with 6 finishers wins.

Be the Biggest Team!

We will recognize the largest team with VIP status at the post-race party.  You can have as many team members as you wish.

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