Springettsbury 10K Update and Preview…

The Springettsbury 10K is THIS SATURDAY, 2/26 at 9:00AM. (1 mile run at the usual 8:30 start time.) Course preview below! There is a slight change to the start and finish…

This year the race will start down the lane from previous years, at the YTI building just east of Springettsbury park. The race begins by heading off the property and through a townhouse complex for about a quarter of a mile. From there, you’ll make the first (and toughest) climb of the day through a residential neighborhood. Once at the top of this climb, you’ll make a right turn and head east for 2 miles of drawn out ups and downs. This is another open road course, so always be mindful of traffic. 

Just past the halfway point, you’ll make a hard descent for 2 tenths of a mile. At the bottom of this hill, you’ll have to hit the brakes in order to make a 120 degree turn to get going west, back toward the finish line. The next half mile or so will be run on a gravel farm road. Beware the potholes, stray cats, and possibly ROUSes. There’s also a nice gradual uphill within this stretch to remind you that you’re still not done with hills on the course.  

As you cross Shoehouse Road, be sure to take a peak to your left to check out the local landmark. It’ll distract you from yet another incline. Crest that, and you’ll have a nice, gentle downhill stretch that you THINK will take you just about back to the finish. BUT, we needed to add a little neighborhood detour to get a full 10K so you’ll enjoy another little climb. (You’re welcome.)

About half a mile or so from the finish you’ll cross a steel foot bridge over a small creek. If the temps are low, WATCH FOR ICE. After crossing the bridge, you’ll have a straight shot to the townhouse complex you left 6 miles ago. Turn back into it and head for the finish.

We hope to see you Saturday!

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