Jacobus by the Numbers…

Winter Series race number FIVE is in the books! Congrats to all of the 1 miler and (especially) 5 miler runners that took on the challenge of the Jacobus hills. You can find the full list of results HERE. In the meantime, here are some numbers from race day…


Approximate degrees COLDER at the start of this race compared to the last one at John Rudy. As if the hills weren’t enough to contend with, the winter weather as back. Speaking of those hills…


Approximate number of feet gained in the final 6 tenths of a mile of the race. If you weren’t completely out of breathe at the end of this race, you didn’t do it right.


Less finishers in the two races combined compared to the last series race at John Rudy. Methinks the first two numbers above may have had something to do with it!

107 – 104

The number of female to male finishers in the main event. Looks like the ladies are juuuust a little less scared of hills and cold:)

62 minutes, 13 seconds

The combined time of Matt (3rd overall) and Max Marcini (14th overall). There might not be a faster father/son combo in South Central PA right now!


The number of people that averaged under 7 minutes per mile on the tough course. That includes the top 3 females. Becky Donner, Emily Hogan, and Amanda Cario all finished within 27 seconds of one another.

And then there were 6!

The number of runners that still have a PERFECT series point total of 50, winning their respective age groups and earning 10 points for each race thus far. 

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