2021/22 Winter Series By the Numbers

That’s a wrap! Our seventh and final Winter Series race is in the books. Congrats to all of the 1 miler and 5K runners that zipped around the Northeastern campus and surrounding neighborhoods. You can find the full list of results HERE. THANK YOU to everyone that supported the series this season!!! Here are some numbers from the SERIES to bring things to a close…


The number of days between the first race (Dover 10 miler) and the last (Northeastern 5K). Crazy how fast that flew by! 


The number of years that our AMAZING YRRC Winter Series director Heather Roe has been doing this difficult job! She’s on board for three more. After that, we’ll need a new series director. Interested?! There will be more details to come.


The number of runners that completed ALL SEVEN RACES! That’s some awesome dedication.


The average number of finishers in the 1 mile runs over the course of the series. 


The average number of finishers in the main event races. This is possibly the best series turnout that we’ve ever had. 


The number of total miles raced in the main events this year! That’s about the distance of a run from York, PA to Alberto de Agostini National Park. Not sure where that is? Look it up, you’ll be surprised!

1 minute, 21 seconds

That largest margin of victory of any race. Not surprisingly, it came in the longest race: The Dover 10 miler. Anthony Roselli (1:01.32) ended up finished that far ahead of second place runner Kaleb Kabakjian. 

1 Second!

The NARROWEST margin of victory in any race. The Northeastern 1 miler saw Jeremiah Hetrick edge Nathaniel Pardoe in a time of 5:34 to 5:35. The closest main event finish was a mere TWO seconds. The Jacobus 5 miler saw Ray Smith (29:17) best James Volk (29:19) in the final stretch. 


Emily Hogan, Becky Doner, Dave Rizzuto, John Crosset, and Les Bell. These were the five runners that not only ran every race, but managed to win their respective age groups in ALL SEVEN RACES, ending the series with a perfect score of 70. 

40-44 Female

This age group went wire to wire as the most represented age group in every race this season, and it was never really close. Excellent work, young ladies!


Days until the start of the 2022/23 Winter Series. Mark your calendars now! We hope to see you all out there again next winter.

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