We’re Looking for Club Donation Ideas!

Hello York Road Runners Club members,

A recent presentation and subsequent conversation at the January Board meeting has lead the York Road Runners Club Board of Directors to seek input from Club members in order to best represent them.

The mission of York Road Runners Club is to promote running, racing and healthy living in York County. From time to time the club makes donations to local community organizations and non-profit groups who share our vision of a healthy running community. The club’s board is planning to make some donations this year to support York’s running community and we’re looking for input from our members. We’re accepting nominations for worthy organizations through the end of February. The board will consider all suggestions received and have the goal of narrowing down nominations, if not making a final decision at the regularly scheduled March meeting.

Please respond to this email with your nomination, and if desired, anything specific you’d like to present about the worthiness of the nomination(s).

Thank you,
YRRC Board of Directors 

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