February News and Announcements!

Hello YRRC members,

We’re in the second month of the year and winter is still here by all means. Hopefully that hasn’t hampered your fitness goals too much. On a positive note, with apologies to anyone liking winter, for 2 weekends in a row now I’ve seen robins (an entire flock of them this past weekend.) So perhaps spring isn’t too far away after all!

OK, jumping to the news…

Call for nominations of organizations for donation

Recently an email was sent to all Club members inquiring about nominations for donations to local community organizations and non-profit groups. Below is that email in case you missed it or slipped your mind because we are accepting nominations through the end of this month. Thank you in advance…

A recent presentation and subsequent conversation at the last Board meeting has lead the York Road Runners Club Board of Directors to seek input from Club members in order to best represent them.

The mission of York Road Runners Club is to promote running, racing and healthy living in York County.  From time to time the club makes donations to local community organizations and non-profit groups who share our vision of a healthy running community.  The club’s board is planning to make some donations this year to support York’s running community and we’re looking for input from our members.  We’re accepting nominations for worthy organizations through the end of February.  The board will consider all suggestions received and have the goal of narrowing down nominations, if not making a final decision at the regularly scheduled March meeting.

Please respond to this email with your nomination, and if desired, anything specific you’d like to present about the worthiness of the nomination(s).

Thank you,

YRRC Board of Directors

Squirrelly Tail Twail Wun

Congrats to all the runners who came out and got through the chilly temps and wintry weather for the Squirrelly Tail race! Conditions were about right for this winter favorite. A word of congratulations also go out to RD Scott Newcomer and everyone else involved in making this race happen!

Winter Series:

We still have over half of the Winter Series to go so don’t let it pass you by. Coming up this weekend it’s the Springettsbury 10k, with the 2 two January races that got moved to March to follow next month. Again, please check social media outlets as we get closer to race date for any possible update(s).

Race dates/times

Springettsbury 10k 02/20/2021 @ 9:00am (1 mile at 8:30)
John Rudy 5 mile 03/06/2021 @ 9:00am (1mile at 8:30) *NEW DATE*
Indian Rock 10k 03/20/2021 @ 9:00am (1 mile at 8:30) *NEW DATE*

COVID safety measures will be in place at every event – gathering limits are changing and we will keep you updated as the information is made available to us.
There will be no series points and no final awards ceremony this year
All registered participants will receive a YRRC Winter Series logoed item this year
Registration fee will remain the same as the previous few years
NO DAY-OF REGISTRATION AT ANY OF THE EVENTS – ONLINE ONLY REGISTRATION THIS YEAR – please help relay the registration info to other runners

Winter Series Virtual Challenge:

The new 2020-2021 Virtual Challenge is still in effect too! Have you met the Challenge yet? Participants have until the last day of winter (3/19/21) to complete their 135 miles. You can run any amount at a time, and submit your results as you go. You can run/walk any time, any place!

Lets see how many people we can get to complete this challenge! So far 46 participants have done the 135 miles!

How to submit results:

How to upload photos:

Upcoming races:

February 20 – Springettsbury 10K

March 6 – John Rudy 5 Miler

March 7 – Ugly Mudder 10K

Monthly link:

Is Running Selfish? That’s the title of this month’s link. Each person’s answer to that question will likely be different, so I’m not saying anything else about this link so you can explore your response as fully as you can on your own with no influence. 

Stay safe—and thanks as always for reading,

Mark Landis
YRRC Publicity and Social Media Coordinator

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate. (credit: Fitness Confidential podcast)

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