Dallastown by the Numbers

Winter Series race number THREE is in the books! Congrats to all of the 1 milers and 10K runners that tackled the hills and found the finish line. You can find the full list of results HERE. In the meantime, here are some numbers from race day…


The approximate number of feet climbed on the 10K course. A proper challenge!


Total finishers in the 1 mile and 10K combined. Another solid turnout.


The number of seconds between the first, second, and third place finishers in the 1 miler. Talk about a sprint to the finish!

18, 18, 45, 16, 17, 16, 53, 43, 15, 19

The ages of the top ten 10K finishers in order. Apparently you have to be a teenager OR a masters runner to crack the top ten. WHERE ARE YOU 20-39 YEAR-OLDS?!?

40-44 (Female)

The age group that had the greatest number of 10K finishers with 23. These ladies hold the top spot for a second consecutive week!


The difference in age of the youngest (10 year old CACHE PICKETT) and oldest (79 year old MILTON BUSHEY) 10K finishers.


The time of the first FEMALE 1 mile finisher, 13 year old Sophia Rodriguez. Way to crack 6-flat young lady!


The number of runners that still have a PERFECT series point total of 30, winning their respective age groups and earning 10 points for each race thus far!

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