Spring Valley by the Numbers

Winter Series race number two is in the books! Congrats to all of the four miler runners that tackled the hill back to the finish line. You can find the full list of results HERE. In the meantime, here are some numbers from race day…


The number of 4 Miler Finishers. Way to tackle that hill!


MORE main event finishers than the first Winter Series race. Could 300 finishers be on the horizon?


The number of 1 Mile Finishers! Another series mile cracking triple digits.


The average mile pace of the winner, 16 year old KALEB KABAKJIAN. He was the only runner to average less than 6 minutes per mile, an impressive feat on the Spring Valley course.


The average mile pace of the first FEMALE, 35(!) year old JOANNA HAYES. She also finished 16th overall!

40-44 (Female)

The age group that had the greatest number of 4 miler finishers with 25. Way to represent, ladies!


The difference in age of the youngest (11 year old SAM SWEITZER) and oldest (79 year old MILTON BUSHEY) 4 miler finishers.

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