New Group Run Incoming…

If you haven’t checked out the “Group Runs” tab on our website, I’d encourage you to hit it up sooner than later. We have a wonderful community of local runners! You’ll notice that just about all of the runs there are “trail” runs. The reason for this is that trail runs are the safest and easiest to manage. No traffic is involved, and there are no tricky directions to manage. Please don’t let the “trail” part scare you away. Our group run leaders pick trails that are entry level as far as footing is concerned, and don’t involve any crazy hills. (The exception to this is the Friday hill session, obviously.)

Now, about that new group run: We’re eying up another Thursday evening run. This run will take place on the SOUTHERN portion of the York Rail Trail, starting and finishing at Seven Sports Bar and Grill in New Freedom. A cool part about this location is that the run can head North OR South, varying each run. Stay tuned for details!

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