Girls on the Run Needs Your Help!

Don’t know about Girls on the Run? I’d encourage you to check out their information at A little bit of info straight from the source…

Girls on the Run is an after-school program designed to inspire girls of all abilities to recognize and embrace their inner strength. Lessons emphasize the important connection between physical and emotional health. Through safety modifications and virtual programming, dedicated and trained staff are ready to adapt to local community needs. At the end of the program, girls complete a 5K, which provides a tangible sense of accomplishment, setting a confident and goal-oriented mindset into motion.

Covid has left most GOTR programs scrambling to create their own culminating 5K runs in local areas around the schools the participants attend. That means that the GOTR coaches are now responsible for organizing these 5Ks, and they need the help of the running community.

Rachel Evans, one of the longest tenured GOTR coaches in the county at Stony Brook Elementary in East York, sent me the following request…

Attached is a link to sign up to volunteer at the GOTR 5K on Saturday, May 15th at Stony Brook. The approximate time is 8:00- 10:30am, however we will take your help as long as you can stay. Areas that we need volunteers include: Water Stop, Post race Snack Station, Pre-race activity tables, cheering on course, on course directors and finish line. If you can’t make it, but could make a sign to cheer the girls on we would appreciate that as well!
Thank you for considering!


I’m sure that Rachel is not alone! If YOU are part of a local GOTR program and need 5K help, please let me know ( and we can add you info to this article.

Let’s show up and help these young and aspiring runners complete their first ever 5K!!!

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