March News and Announcements!

Hello YRRC members,

Happy Daylight Saving Time! As someone who runs more so in the evening after work, I’ve been looking forward to this switch, but after thinking about it some, I can see how the later sunrise might be a bummer to early morning runners. Regardless, keep moving forward toward your goals and training for any events you have coming up this year.

Candidates wanted — We have an opening!

The YRRC is adding the position of Cultural Outreach/Diversity Coordinator to it’s board as a way to strengthen our commitment to building a running club inclusive to our entire community. If you have the interest and the time and energy in serving your club/community by promoting strategic modifications to current and organizing new programs reaching out to those whom are currently underrepresented, please contact us.

If you are interested in joining us for this new position, please inquire to Vice President Eric Ferree at or reply to this email an it will be forwarded to Eric. Thank you!

Winter Series:

The last 2020/2021 Winter Series race is coming up this weekend!! The final event, the Indian Rock 10K, kicks off at 9:00AM with the 1 mile Fun Run starting at 8:30AM. Have fun. Finish strong. Stay safe.

COVID safety measures will be in place.
There will be no series points and no final awards ceremony this year
All registered participants will receive a YRRC Winter Series logoed item this year

Winter Series Virtual Challenge:

Though this past week brought us the feel of spring, there’s still a few days of winter remaining, so don’t forget to add and log your miles by the last day of winter (3/19/21) to complete the Winter Series Virtual Challenge! 

How to submit results:

How to upload photos:

Group Runs:

Visit our website and you’ll find several groups listed throughout the week. I know it says “under construction” but group runs are being added, and really isn’t our fitness and training mostly under construction anyways come to think about? Also… if you participate in a group that isn’t listed here but are looking for it to expand, reply and give the info on date and time and we can get it added for you. We are looking for group runs of all abilities, distances, and of course varied locations.

Website updates:

…And speaking of “under construction”, our web administrator Eric Wolfgang has been hard at work at giving the website a new look. Head on over to if you haven’t been there lately and see what you think. Additional content will be added in the coming months. Also feel free to reply to this email blast and me know if there’s something else you’d like to see added.

Upcoming races:

March 20 – Indian Rock 10K

April 3 – Half Wit Half Marathon (Trail)

May 16 – York Marathon / Half Marathon

Monthly links:

Last month’s Roburrito’s Gut-Run Challenge run made the newspaper! The quick read on this inaugural event (along with several photos) can be found at:

I’m adding in another link this month directly related to the YRRC. Did you know the club has a Flickr account? Find event photos from club photographer Clay Shaw at this link:


Stay safe—and thanks as always for reading,

Mark Landis
YRRC Publicity and Social Media Coordinator

Perfection is the mind, satisfying is the body. (credit: The Flourishing Experiment podcast episode 319)

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