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Timing & Equipment

York Road Runners Club Timing & Equipment Services

The York Road Runners Club (YRRC) works with race directors to provide trained operators, timing equipment and race-day equipment. In addition to timing services, race-day equipment can be rented and includes cones, results boards, megaphone, finish line chutes, etc. Please keep reading for details on these services.

To request timing services and to add your race to our race search you must enter your race into our website. You will need to create an account with our website in order to enter your race. For additional information, please contact Karen Mitchell at as far in advance as possible.

Request timing services

YRRC Manual Timing

YRRC rents timing equipment and an operator, which includes a large display clock, a time machine, and an experienced operator. This is an electronic/manual system. Using the time machine, the operator will provide the race with a readout (similar to an adding machine tape) of the runners' place and time as they cross the finish line, as well as most bib numbers to the extent possible. (When several runners cross the finish line at the same time, it is impossible to capture each runner's number.) The race's officials or volunteers will be responsible to calculate the results by using the paper readout provided by the YRRC timer in conjunction with the bib tear-aways. The race director is encouraged to designate a race volunteer to keep a “tic sheet” at the finish line (simply a list, in order, of the finisher bib numbers). The fee is $125 for in-county races and $160 for out-of-county races. This method is not recommended for shorter-distance races with 500 or more participants (5Ks, for example).

Race-Day Equipment

YRRC rents race-day equipment such as cones, results boards, megaphone, finish line chutes, mile markers, etc. The equipment is stored with Bob Weikert, 827 Locust Grove Road, York, PA 17402. The race director must arrange to pick up and return the equipment. Equipment pick-up is available on Thursday evenings only. The fee for equipment is $75 for in-county rental and $100 for out-of-county rental. If you wish to rent race-day equipment, please complete the form to add a race.