Coach Wolfgang

My name is Eric. I’m a husband, father of two, and an elementary school teacher. I’m also a certified coach and really, REALLY love running. LOVE IT.


I’ve been competitively running for 25 years, from the time I was 12 years old. My fifth grade teacher, Mr. Brickner, had his students complete a mile run about once a month on the playground. The idea behind this practice was to impress upon us not only the importance of exercise, but also the power behind setting goals and striving toward personal improvement over time. It was during these mile runs that I discovered I had a passion for running. That passion kept me running track and cross country through middle school, high school, and as a D2 student-athlete at Bloomsburg University. Even now, at 38 years old, running is still one of the first things I think about when I roll out of bed each morning. I’m not only thinking about my own running, but the progress of the many runners I’m helping along their respective running journeys.

Along the way, I’ve made (or have been poorly coached into making) every mistake possible. I’ve run waaaay too fast on recovery runs between quality workouts, stretched in the wrong ways at the wrong times, have gone outside the appropriate training zones, trained at mileage levels higher than necessary, not emphasized core strength enough, have been erroneously prescribed custom orthotics to fix nagging injuries, and so on. It would be easy to look back on such a running history and become frustrated and resentful. However, I prefer to reflect with a different mindset. Each one of these mistakes was a unique learning opportunity. A chance to grow as a runner. Because of the running lessons I’ve learned, I’m now running injury-free and nearly as fast as I was a decade ago, all while working full-time, completing two master’s degrees and raising a family. My mission now is to help others achieve the same success while balancing a busy life.